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BVDV Downloads
BVDV Beef Booklet
BVDV Dairy Booklet
Submission Form
Sample collection and freight
Zee tag ear notch collection
Producer Ear Notch Price List
TEGO Blood Antibody Test
TEGO Handy Hints
Using the TEGO Devices
Bulk Milk Tank Antibody Test
Bulk Milk Sample Collection protocol

On this page you can find a section of downloadable files about BVDV.

We have published comprehensive information regarding BVDV, management and tesing options in our BVDV Beef and BVDV Dairy booklets.

For those who want to do their sampling the most cost effective way, there are instuctions and submission sheets available here, to enable the quickest sampling-to-results turnaround times for ear notching, Bulk Milk Tank samples and blood samples.

Ear notching is a very simple process, it does not require a qualified veterinarian to be present. Using the instructions on the link to the left of this page (sample collection and freight) ensures that the biological risk of contamination between animals is minimised and samples can be processed at the laboratory easily and quickly. There is also information on our Zee tag devices which take an ear notch without leaving a visible mark.

We sell a device that allows blood samples to be taken by producers. This is called a TEGO and information regarding its use and advantages is available here.

For dairy clients, we have Bulk Milk Tank antibody testing information along with details on how to collect and send samples to ensure they arrive in good condition for testing.

Simply click on the form or document you wish to download, and save it as necessary. Once saved, you can open the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


If you have any other questions, or you need surplus information to what is presented here, give us a call or send an email to the BVDV Laboratory (
) at Swans Veterinary Services.   


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